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Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. is proud to be the first medical group in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri to offer comprehensive genomic testing along with a thorough review of the results with one of our trained medical practitioners. We have partnered with IntellxxDNA, a company that specializes in providing the most advanced and personalized genomic analysis available.
Three testing profiles are available:

Medical Overview Profile: This includes 20 panels covering a wide variety of chronic health issues: cardiac health, diabetes, osteoporosis, blood clot risk, methylation, detox, and more. Cost includes 1 1/2 total hours of review with one of our medical practitioners, broken up into smaller time segments for better absorption of information

Brain Optimization Profile: This includes 20 detailed Alzheimer’s related panels: nutrigenomics, estrogen, methylation, detox, stroke and many with 20+ additional SNPs, deletions and lab verification of APOE variant(s). Cost includes two and a half total hours of review with one of our healthcare practitioners, broken up into smaller time segments for better absorption of information

Executive Combination Profile: This offers our full suite of IntellxxDNA™ panels including the content of both Medical Overview and Brain Opimization reports, covering over 600 genomic SNPs. Cost  includes three total hours of review by one of our healthcare practitioners, broken up into smaller time segments for better absorption of information.


How is this different from 23&Me/other direct-to-consumer genetic services?
Direct-to-consumer genomic companies provide only raw data on your genetics and you must pay another company to analyze your information to “unlock” this information and make it useful to you. IntellxxDNA’s results come with scientifically researched recommendations, and the practitioners at Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. will individually review these results with you and help you to decide which genes to act on based on your medical history.

IntellxxDNA testing is also uses bead technology combined with PCR testing to analyze your genome, which makes it 98% accurate. Direct-to-consumer companies use a much less accurate technology, which allows for error and unreliability in results (less than 50-75% accurate in some cases!). In fact, these companies state that the information they provide is not suitable for medical or diagnostic purposes, and users are encouraged to consult with a medical practitioner before any major lifestyle changes.

Will this information be part of my medical file? This genetic testing will NOT become a part of your medical file, as no insurance is billed and a separate medical portal is used for the data.


IntellxxDNA is the only clinical decision support tool developed by and for medical practices.
For patients looking to optimize their brain function, optimize their overall health, and prevent chronic diseases, IntellxxDNA is the tool of choice, providing accurate, clinically relevant, and actionable genomic information.

For more information, visit or call our office at 309-621-9580