At Van Zant Medical Group, S.C., we understand that how you live your life is crucial to long term excellent health. But no two patients are the same. It takes a multidisciplinary and multi faceted approach to help our patients achieve a Healthy Heart and body. We are proud to partner with several services and local businesses to support you in being your best self.

4MyHeart Program

The 4myheart program is a patient engagement and counseling program offering a personalized approach to improving heart health. It is available for all Van Zant Medical Group S.C. patients who have had Cardio IQ or Cleveland HeartLab advanced CVD testing.  Components of the program include:

    • A complimentary 45-minute telephone counseling session with a Clinical Educator
    • Access to the website for 6 months
    • Access to monthly telephone classes on various health-related topics led by the Clinical Educator
    • Complimentary access to 2 Cleveland Clinic Wellness Programs, which are 6-8 week online, self-paced programs.  Topics include Sleep and Stress.
    • Patients have the option to enroll in eCoaching through Cleveland Clinic Wellness at a discounted rate. With ecoaching, patients interact with a coach through a series of email exchanges.  Subscriptions options are one month, three month or six months.

    The resources include:

    • Secure email exchanges with Clinical Educator
    • Access to advanced CVD reports
    • Recipes, success stories, food/activity logs
    • Educational Resources
    • Nutrition and exercise handouts
    • Links to audio classes
    • Exercise videos
    • Education calendar and links to registration

4MyHeart Clinical Educators are Certified Diabetes Educators and are also Registered Dietitian Nutritionists or Exercise Physiologists. All are trained as Health Coaches and knowledgeable in motivational interviewing and behavior change. There is a Spanish translator for patients needing this service.


Are you looking for a way to change your direction and move to Sustained Change? Try SUSTAIN.

Sustain is a 5 week live coaching program that will equip you to lead a sustainable health journey by utilizing tools and strategies to help heal your body and prevent disease. Whether you are looking to lose weight, ease joint pain, improve gut health, improve brain fog, or have more energy; these 5 weeks will walk you through 4 key elements that are instrumental to improving your health, as well as tackling mindset. Without the proper mindset, it is difficult to have lasting change. Without understanding why we make the choices we make, and without knowing the proper steps to making better choices; it’s impossible to create lasting healthy habits. Sustain offers a positive community of like-minded individuals with support, encouragement and weekly challenges to help you succeed.

Sustain is led by two passionate and trained health coaches, Ryan and Molly  will be there every step of the way, cheering you on to hit your goals.

Click to learn more or to sign up. You may also email for more questions. Follow Sustain on Facebook at Equip for Health, or on instagram Equip for Health.

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Meet our Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Amber Pawula-Marcin.  She provides consultations, weekly meal planning, individual cooking classes, pantry make overs, and personalized grocery store tours.
More information on Amber is coming soon.

Abbott Labs Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor

Hyperglycemia and insulin resistance are two of the most detrimental impacts on our blood vessels. At Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. we use the FreeStyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to help identify blood sugar trends throughout the day, as well as specifically discover what foods support stable blood sugar in our patients, and which ones don’t.
We offer two options:
– with specific diagnoses, the CGM is covered by insurance, and patients can receive their own CGM to monitor their blood sugar throughout the day.
– for Medicare patients, or patients who are part of cost sharing programs, we provide rental of a two week CGM monitor at a nominal cost.
To learn more, please call our office, or go to