At Van Zant Medical Group, S.C., we understand that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for a healthy heart and brain. It is the #1 one way to reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke. That is why we offer all participants in The Healthy Heart Program© one FREE thirty minute session with our certified health coach.* 

Our health coaching program provides a personalized fit for each participant. 

During your initial assessment, our coach Sara Fiddes will review several key areas that affect your cardiovascular health, such as exercise, diet, sleep quality, and the effects of stress on your life. In addition, she will address any other areas of concern for you, as well as your motivation for change. 

Sara will come alongside you with regular contact and feedback through a user friendly app on your phone, texting, phone calls, emails and in person meetings, as well as menu ideas and dietary guidance. Group exercise programs may be available, as well. 

We offer 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options, all at affordable prices.  

*participation in The Healthy Heart Program entails at least one follow up office visit after your CIMT review to go over other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

Sara Fiddes

Certified Health Coach

100% of profits from the Health Coaching Program are donated to Charity:Water

Charity:Water “brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.” So while you are getting healthy, you are getting others healthy as well.  Learning more at