Dr. Roberta Van Zant

Dr. Van Zant practices Functional and Holistic Medicine. Functional medicine is individual based medical care, and focuses on true prevention as well as identifying the underlying causes of symptoms and disease with a goal of treating the cause and reestablishing optimal health. It is scientifically and physiologically based healthcare. Holistic Medicine is aimed at treating the entire person – mind, body and spirit – while recognizing that we are not split up into different “sections”, but rather interact as a whole, interconnected system.

Dr. Van Zant is also trained as an osteopathic physician. Osteopathic physicians receive 4 years of medical school training, and average an additional 120 hours of training in musculoskeletal medicine during medical school. Osteopathic physicians receive specialty training in family medicine and many different specialty medical fields, similar to M.D.s.  However, it is their ability to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal conditions that set them apart. Dr. Van Zant is board certified by the American Osteopathic Association in Family Medicine and Manipulative Medicine and sees patients for osteopathic treatment.

Dr. Van Zant is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians. She has received over 300 hours of additional training in functional and integrative medicine as well as osteopathic manipulation.

She received her medical degree from University of Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, completed her residency training in Family Medicine at Harrisburg Family Practice Residency Program in Harrisburg, PA, and then was the first graduate of the Women’s Health Fellowship through the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and Methodist Medical Center.

Ashley Lynn, APN

Ashley Lynn has a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Mennonite School of Nursing at Illinois State University and a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Western Illinois University. She has worked as a nurse practitioner for the past 5 years, and is credentialed by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Ashley has worked in a variety of settings as a nurse practitioner, including prison medicine, family medicine, and in the Movement Disorders Clinic at Illinois Neurologic Institute. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor at Western Illinois University, educating fellow nurses in the bachelor’s nursing program in clinical medicine and Public Health. These experiences have provided the backbone to launch Ashley into the fields of cardiovascular prevention and functional medicine. It is through these prior experiences that she has gained expertise in thoroughly evaluating each patient on an individual basis, while looking for the root cause(s) of the illness or disease.

Ashley is a certified Bale Doneen practitioner (www.baledoneen.com) and she is currently pursuing her functional medicine training through the highly reputable Institute of Functional Medicine (www.ifm.org).

In her spare time, she enjoys the company of her husband and three children, spending time at nearby lakes, bird watching, or just relaxing at her home in the woods.

Ashley remarks, “I look forward to the lives I will encounter at Van Zant Medical Group, S.C., and working with a team that is so thoughtful and thorough in our care of others.”

We are blessed to have Ashley as a lead health practitioner in The Healthy Heart Program© at Van Zant Medical Group, S.C.! Her engaging smile, positive attitude, and infectious laugh radiates joy in our office, and her tenacity and compassion for her patients will bless you, as well. Call today to make an appointment to see Ashley Lynn, APN.   309-621-9580

Jamie Ahrens, R.N.

Jamie graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing from Illinois Central College in 2003. She worked as a registered nurse on a respiratory/medical unit for 11 years. After this, she moved to a role of RN/Patient Advocate. Although her professional background is mostly hospital based, she personally has a heart for functional medicine and prevention of disease, which led her to this RN position at Van Zant Medical Group. This is evident in her love of fitness, healthy eating, and overall lifestyle choices. She is excited to help patients pursue and enjoy greater health in their lives also.

Jamie grew up in central Illinois and learned about hard work on the family farm. She feels her relationship with Jesus is most important in her life, followed by her marriage and children. She loves to do a variety of functional and fun exercise, which includes activities with her spouse and children whenever possible, such as biking, hiking, and snow skiing. She enjoys spending time watching her children’s activities and traveling.

Angy Chasteen, Office Manager

Angy Chasteen grew up in the Peoria area and is married to Bryan Chasteen. Angy’s biggest role has been as a mom raising three sons. In January 2018, she joined Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. and was immediately foundational to its success. Angy has contributed her elbow grease to the furnishings, her creative mind to its look, and her warmth and personality to engaging patients on the phone and in the front office.

When she is not in the office, she enjoys hosting family and friends at their lake house, watching her son play hockey, creative design and crafting, and occasionally marrying a couple! (she obtained her ordained minister’s license in 2017).

Angy says, “I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and three amazing boys. I enjoy meeting new people and helping as many people as possible.” We are thankful that Angy is the first face you see as you enter Van Zant Medical Group, S.C.

Our Practice 

Van Zant Medical Group S.C. is a “cash based” business. We do not bill any insurance group, and payment for the visit will be expected on the day of the appointment.

Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. accepts Medicare patients; however, due to Medicare stipulations, Medicare patients are not be able to submit their office visit bill to Medicare for reimbursement.

If you have seen Dr. Van Zant at a prior practice, please contact them to obtain your record prior to your visit at Van Zant Medical Group, S.C. to aid in the uninterrupted continuity of your care.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient at Van Zant Medical Group, S.C., please click here.

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